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Vipul’s Britney story  

Hey.. This Is Vipul (Vippie) [@Blackoutpriest], 26, From India… Well Like Everyone, I First Came To Know About Britney In 1998,.. I Guess “Sometimes” Was The Britney Video I First Saw On TV.. Though I Wasn’t Her Fan Back Then.. But Since Then, I Started Liking Her.. I Was Fascinated By Her…. :)
The Whole Fan Thing Happened Exactly In 2007, When I First Listened To Gimme More Song.. Mannn.. I Was So So Excited.. I Just LOVED It… Then I Came To Listen The Whole Blackout Album… Seriously… This Album Was Epic.. I Loved Everything About It… & In This Process, My “Liking” For Britney Turned Into “Hardcore Love”. She Became My Most Favorite Artist & Personality In This Whole World..

The Best Part In My Story Is That My Family & Friends Always Support My Being Britney Fan… I’ve Never Been Mocked Or Judged For This.. Though They Do Tease Me, With The Name of Britney, But In A Very Positive Way :P!..

Britney’s Is Not Only My Favorite Artist But Also My Favorite Personality… She’s Cute, Innocent & Down To Earth & Nice To Everyone… Sometimes I Wonder, Why Such A Nice Soul Has Haters But I Guess We Better Totally Ignore Them & Focus On Our Support To Godney…

She’s Super Famous In My Country But She Haven’t Toured Here Yet.. But I Hope, Some Days She Will Come Her To Perform.. And Yes My Biggest Dream Is To Meet Her In Person & I’m Sure My Dream Will Come True Very Soon..

I Just Love To See Her, Read About Her, Listen To Her… Whenever I’m Alone, She’s With Me Through Her Songs.. I’m Totally Crazy For Her :D..

Recently.. I Went To UK, & Visited Madam Tussauds Museum At London.. It Was A Surreal Moment For Me To Click Pic With Her Wax Statue Over There ;)!

So That’s All For Now… :)!



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Marine’s Story  

Hi ! I’m Marine, I’m from France, I’m 21 and I’ve been a Britney fan since…forever <3 :)

I don’t exactly remember how it all started but I was 8-9 years old and the girls in my school said did you hear about a certain Britney Spears? She’s amazing! ^^

Then I remember I saw her once on a French show singing Sometimes but I don’t remember the name of the show :/ So after, I bought the single Sometimes! :D And my sister got me the album Baby One More Time for Xmas! :D And I was SOO in love with the video of BOMT <3 (I still am ;) Oh and I also remember that I couldn’t pronounce her name the right way XD

And after that it has all continued till now :) Over the years I’ve watched her performances (but I missed a lot since I had no Internet but I’m catching up ;) I got magazines, CDs, DVDs and so on :) But the best part of my collection is a piece of paper that I printed out and that says “@britneyspears is now following you” Ahhhh!!! :D SOOOOO happy! She followed me on August 31st 2011 :) ♥♥ And I’m so happy because I’ve met wonderful fans (or should I say B*tches ;) thanks to Twitter! <3

So I can say that I’ve grown up with her and that I can relate to her songs because of their messages but also because I can sing and dance on them too! :D I learned the choreography of Slave 4 U my favorite ;), Toxic, Me Against the Music,  Outrageous, What it’s like to be me, Overprotected, Oops I Did It Again, Baby One More Time of course ;), Sometimes, Womanizer, Till the World Ends and Hold It Against Me (for some I can dance the whole song  but for others I can only dance a little part XD).

And to finish, beyond her various talents, I love her personality, she’s the sweetest person on Earth! :) <3

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More of Porscha’s Collection

Porscha’s Collection

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Beatriz Fan Collection

Beatriz Fan Collection

Ahmed an amazing britney fan!  

Hello, my name is Ahmed Amer (@Ahmedbritney), A 17 year old Egyptian CRAZY BRITNEY SPEARS STAN. unfortunately Britney Spears isn’t that famous here in Egypt so it is quite hard to have all her CDs and DVDs, However that did not stop me from showing my love to the queen herself.

my story was shared on both poorBritney.com &untouchableBritney.net but they were closed for some reasons.
Anyway, I draw so being artistic is a part of my brain, so I turned my room into the ” Britney Room “. I wrote lyrics all over the walls, wardrobe  and some parts of the ceiling, I’ll attach some photos and this is my unique Britney Spears Collection.
Click on the pics for making them bigger

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

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Vivien’s M&G experience  

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October 18th, 2011 ~ The day I met my inspiration.

Okay, so I gotta correct myself. I said October 3rd, 2011 was the best day of my life? Well, what happened on October 18th, 2011 just topped it.

I already told y’all what Britney means to me when I wrote my post about what happened on October 3rd. So I’m just gonna start to tell y’all what happened…

As you might remember, I was attending three shows of the Femme Fatale Tour

  • October 3rd, 2011 in Zurich, Switzerland
  • October 5th, 2011 in Amnéville, France and
  • October 18th, 2011 in Cologne, Germany

For the show in Germany I’ve entered 3 contests to win a Meet & Greet with Britney. One was a contest from a radio station, the other from britneyspearsbeauty.de and another one from a magazine called “BRAVO”.

At the contest at the radio you just had to tell them why you wanna meet Brit. And guess what.. I even made it to the Top 3 and was in the finale. And on wednesday morning (October 12th, 2011) they would call the winner. So I got up early to hear who won but I wasn’t the lucky fan. I was really sad about it but had to go to work, so there was no time to be sad (LOL).

Then there was the other contest from the magazine called “BRAVO”. You had to send them a picture to prove them you deserve to meet Britney. That’s the picture I sent them:

So… It was still wednesday, minutes before I was done with work and the magazine called me. At first I didn’t answer the call ‘cause I didn’t know the number but then when they called me again I answered the phone. The woman asked where I was and that I should take a seat. I got damn excited and then she said the words… You’re going to meet Britney Spears. I was still at work and couldn’t scream but I almost fell off my chair! I had tears in my eyes and asked the woman on phone whether she’s joking but she told me once again, that I won and this ain’t no joke. She also told me that she’d call me on friday again to tell me more details about where we gonna meet and stuff.

I couldn’t believe it. When I walked out of the office I called my closest friends and my mom and told them what just happened and everyone was like “OMG, I’m so damn happy for you!”.

The week went by so fast and it was the day of the days. October 18th, 2011.

My mom, my little sister and me got up at around 8:00am to take the train to Cologne, Germany at 11:12am. We arrived in Cologne at around 02:30pm. It was a rainy day so we couldn’t really go out to do some sightseeing but I really didn’t gave a f*** about that.

We checked into our hotel, got some McDonalds and went to the ‘Lanxess Arena’ where the concert would take place later that day.

Since I NEVER thought I’d win a Meet & Greet with Britney, I’ve bought a Backstage Tour Ticket a few months ago. But I couldn’t do the Backstage Tour since it started at 06:00pm and lasted for around 30-45 minutes. I met the woman from the magazine at 06:30pm, so I just couldn’t do the backstage tour. I’ve tried to sell it, but no one wanted to buy it because it was too expensive (250,00 €). So I gave the ticket to my little sister and she told me everything about it after the concert.

It was 06:30pm. And I met the woman from the magazine. She gave me my concert ticket and said I should go to my seat and just stay there, she would come and someone would pick us up at around 07:30pm to take us backstage.

So I just went inside the arena bought another Femme Fatale Tour shirt and went to my seat. I couldn’t even think about the fact that I’m going to meet my idol, my inspiration, the woman that means the world to me, Britney Jean Spears otherwise I’d have puked of excitement, MY BIGGEST DREAM WAS ABOUT TO COME TRUE.

Destinee and Paris got on stage to perform and after the first two songs we left to go backstage. My whole body was shaking! We met with another group of M&G winners and went backstage. A woman from Britney’s team brought us to where the other fans, which paid to meet the Queen, were waiting. We’ve stood there for like 20 minutes or something. Fans started to take pictures with Felicia and so did I. It was amazing to meet Fe, she’s such a sweetheart. I love her for everything she’s done for Britney.

After everyone took a picture with Fe, she told us how to greet Britney and that we should tell her everything we ever wanted to tell her and don’t come out and say “OMG, I didn’t say a word.”, because this is our chance to tell Britney how we feel. She also said if we don’t step close to Britney, she won’t do it either because she thinks we don’t wanna get close and respects that.

After Felicia’s introduction we had to line up. While the first fans were inside to meet Britney, I saw Jason and waved him, he came over to greet me and asked how I’ve been. He’s so freaking NICE!! I gave him a gift for him and Britney, it was a DVD with videos made by me on it and he really liked it. Minutes later, it was my turn to meet the Queen. A woman from Britney’s team asked a girl (she also won a M&G from the magazine where I won mine from) whether we would know each other, and she said ‘Yes.’, although we didn’t know each other, I met her that day because we both won but that’s it. Anyways, so we had to go in there together and also had to take the picture together. I was kinda pissed because she wasn’t even a fan but whatever, at least I got to meet my girl.

As I stood right infront of the M&G room all the memories came up, me sitting infront of the TV watching Britney DVDs all day long, listening to her music the whole weekend, trying to do her choreos and much more but then the door was opened…

As I walked into the M&G room, I saw Brett standing right next to Britney and Jason was leaning against a door frame and the second I looked at Britney I forgot everything around me, all I saw and looked at was her. She’s so damn beautiful in real life, pictures really cannot capture her beauty. She’s stunning. I walked to her, told her my name and we shook hands. I touched hands with someone seriously beautiful. (OMG, I touched BRITNEY SPEARS!!!!) Then the other girl came in and told Britney how much she likes the ‘Criminal’ video and that’s it, that’s the only thing she told Britney. So, I started talking, I told Britney how much I love her and how much her music helps me and just everything I ever wanted to tell her. But I can barly remember what I exactly told her, it’s like I’ve been dreaming, like it wasn’t real. Well, while I was talking I recognized that she was looking right into my eyes, I LOST FOCUS ON WHAT I WANTED TO TELL HER. I was so confused and Britney just smiled and said ‘Let’s take the picture.’ with her damn sweet voice. I touched her back and she mine (I almost fainted).

After we took the picture I started talking again and she said “Thank you so much.” and I told her about my tattoo but didn’t show, don’t ask me why, I was just too excited. When I told Britney about it she said “OMG, wow. That’s so cool.” At the end I told her once again, that I love her and it was a dream come true to meet her and she said “It was nice to meet you, enjoy the show.” and smiled her million dollar smile at me.

As soon as I left the M&G room, I saw Fe and told her “OMG, she’s so beautiful! Inside and out!” and Fe smiled and said “Aww, you’re cute. Enjoy the show honey.”, hugged me and then I had to leave the backstage area.

Seconds later, I started crying. I really didn’t think I’d cry, I thought I’d have some tears in my eyes but nope… I never cried that hard because of happiness in my life before! Seriously. I could barely breathe. It was bad.

I cried for like 5 minutes, I just couldn’t stop. The woman from the magazine said “Awww, so glad we chose you. You’re a real fan.” and hugged me.

The woman from the magazine later told me that my tattoo was the reason she’s chosen me. THANK GODNEY, I sent them a picture of it.

We were supposed to go back to our seats but since I don’t like to sit during a concert I asked them whether it’s okay if I’m going down to the standing floor, and so did I.

I was like 4th row, which was pretty good beause the arena was full already.

10 minutes left until the show starts. These minutes went by damn fast.

The video interlude started and I had goose bumps, even though it was the third show I attended, this was something special. Then Britney took over the stage and as soon as I saw her, I started crying all over again. I couldn’t believe I had the luck to meet her. I cried the whole first performance. From ‘Up N Down’ until the end I just been partying, danced and just enjoyed the amazing show.

Britney changed my life and I’ll forever be there to support her. I’ve waited over 10 years for this moment and it was so worth the wait. Meeting her made me love her even more. She’s such a sweet girl, which is just doing her thing and damn… words can’t describe how much I love her. October 18th, 2011 was really THE BEST DAY OF MY ENTIRE LIFE.

DREAMS DO COME TRUE ~ Never stop believing and keep fighting to make yours come true. Because good things come to those who wait.

Xxoo Vivien

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Jason’s Lace and leather experience  

Ok were do I start haha? 

I found out I had won the Famos* competition on the friday (2 days before the show)! Words cant describe how AMAZING it was finding out I had actually won and was going to be getting a lap dance from Britney Spears! Once I knew I had won I had to email Famos* with my phone details so Jason could contact me and my seat numbers and everything! The evening of the show my phone beeped and I saw the email from Jason god I was Ecstatic. He asked me if I recieved his message ok, I replied with yes. Then he told me to be at my seat for 7:30 as he was coming to meet me! It was eventually 7:30 and out of the corner of my eye I saw Jason. My legs went like jelly! I was super super nervous to meet him! I went over to him he shook my hand and said are you Jason, I was like yeah its me :), he took me up some stairs and Edan her bodyguard asked me a few questions like how old I was and if I was a big fan and stuff like that he also shook my hand :) Jason told me once Big Fat Bass starts to go down to the stage were he would meet me. So the show started and I was ABSOLUTELY LOVING IT! IT WAS REALLY REALLY AMAZING! Big Fat Bass finally arrived and OMG my legs again just went like jelly I walked down to the stage and met Jason again and sat behind him! Half way through How I Roll Jason told me to follow him down to the stage which I did! Words again cant descibe how amazning and nervous I was feeling! I sat down on the metal barrier part on the front of the stage bit and saw my twitter friend Emma and gave her a hug :) One of her dancers came down and said something but I cant remeber what he said haha I was just too focused on Britney! The time arrived were they pick a fan for the Lap dance OMG! Britney looked straight at me and said Him! OMG OMG OMG! I was super nervous at this point and walked up the stairs to the stage! Her dancer approcahed me and said whats your name? I replied with my name and she took me over to the car! I kept looking at Britney! I sat down on the car and Britney sat at the front of it and started to sing! She looked behing and looked me straight in the eye1 I WAS SO SO HAPPY AND COULDNT STOP SMILING! She then got closer and closer and was so so close to me I could see basically everything! She went behing me and I knew she was about to wrap her legs around me so I scrunched my face and as she put her legs on me I just started to smil with complete happiness! She then walked in a cricle around me brushing my hair with her arm :O Again touching me! As we moved closer into the stage I shouted Thank you so much, but I dont think she heard as she hurried off for the next song :) I got untied from the pole and had to follow the bodyguards and I saw Jason waiting for me too. He told me he had photots to send me which Ive recieved :) He shook my hand again and I thanked him for letting me have this AMAZING opportunity! Guys ill never ever forget this! I know I keep saying this but it was really amazing to have Britney Spears touching me!! I was soo overwhelmed! Thank you all for all your lovely messages!

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Mercedes Story 


Hi,my name is Mercedes,I’m from Argentina and the 7th I’ll be turning 18 years old. 
Well,the first time I watch something about Britney I was like 5 and I remember that I used to watch Mtv only to see “Baby One More Time” and dance like her,lol. I could be in front of the TV all day long only to see her (true love). Then I grow up,but the feeling about her didn’t change trough the years,I think that the addiction is GETTIN BIGGAH! 
This year I was in vacation with some school firends and one day Yamila,who is like a sister for me,called me saying that Britney was going to come to Argentina.I literally died,I was in shock.I mean, BRITNEY JEAN SPEARS WAS COMING NEXT TO MY CITY? Now I can say that in 15 days I’m gonna see her,yes,to the woman who teached me to be strong, confident and to go on, no matter what people could think or say,in front of me <3 
Thank you Britney! And thank you for letting me found some amazing people,and be part of a big family called BRITNEY’S BITCHES! <3

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Luan’s Story 


It all started when I watched Zoey 101, Jamie started to love, so I was researching it and found it was the sister of pop singer Britney Spears, and I began to interested for their music, until I heard Womanizer, when I heard this song something different happened, a chill in the neck made ​​me open a huge smile to hear this song, and then never stopped, I am Brazilian and I will surely in Femme Fatale Tour, 18 November 2011, the day I see it, I will never forget. My name is Luan Diego, I am 14 years old, and I’m a Fan of Britney Jean Spears.

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